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Importance of Podiatrists in Diabetic Foot Care

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Taking care of your feet is especially important if you are suffering from diabetes. As the feet form the extremities of the body, they are the first to encounter circulation problems when diabetes is mismanaged or when complications arise. When feet aren't taken care of properly in a diabetic patient, wounds can result. Due to circulatory problems in diabetes, these wounds can take longer to heal and get infected. This is why it is essential that diabetics regularly visit podiatrists. Podiatrists are specialist foot doctors who specialise in disorders of the foot and guide patients with regards to maintaining proper foot health. 

Reasons for poor circulation in diabetes

Poor circulation is the main risk factor in the development of foot sores. One of the biggest contributors to this is the narrowing of arteries in the body. This is caused by an accumulation of fats in the arteries. Additionally, smoking and elevated glucose levels also cause the arteries to narrow. Diabetics must ensure that their blood sugar levels are under control, they are consuming a low-fat diet and that they are exercising regularly to improve blood flow in the body and prevent any foot problems from occurring.

How to take care of your feet

Diabetics need to follow a daily foot care routine to ensure that their feet are in good condition. They must check if there are any areas with swelling, redness or heat which indicate infection. Additionally, diabetics need to wash their feet on a daily basis and ensure that they dry them well. Moisture can lead to fungal infections which can worsen for diabetics. On the other hand, excessively dry skin on feet can also cause sores, so diabetics should use an unscented foot lotion to massage their feet daily. Any corns or ingrown nails should not be removed by the individual, this can be done safely by a podiatrist who has the right tools.

Diabetics should also immediately see a podiatrist if they experience loss of feeling in parts of their feet. This indicates nerve damage which is a serious condition. Those with nerve damage cannot feel small cuts or sores on their feet and this can cause them to worsen.

Diabetics can make an appointment with a podiatrist through their regular general practitioner. The diabetic podiatrist will address all of their foot concerns and diagnose any foot conditions. They will also provide the best treatment option for foot disorders.