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Keeping your feet healthy this Halloween season

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With Halloween right around the corner, you may be finalising on costume selections and trick/treat plans. The excitement of finding the perfect costume often causes people to think outside the box. You may choose to make something from scratch, improvise with what you already have, or order a new outfit altogether.

Regardless of the path you choose to follow, don't forget about the health of your feet. Wearing wrong shoes on Halloween just to complete your costume may result in foot pain and other complications. To avoid this challenge, here are useful tips you should keep in mind while finding a Halloween costume.  

1.    Check the heel

Heel pain is a common issue that people wearing new shoes develop. Such pain arises when the bottom of your shoe is uneven or unable to provide proper support. As a result, you may end up straining your heel muscles, Achilles tendon, or muscles near the front of your foot. Heel pain could also potentially develop into chronic foot complications if the issue isn't addressed in time.

Make sure your Halloween costume has comfortable and level–sole shoes. If necessary, replace the costume shoes with your own if you suspect that the outfit might cause heel pain.

2.    Make sure it fits right

If you ordered the perfect costume but it came in the wrong size, you may be tempted to squeeze into what you have. Wearing an undersized shirt or trousers may not be as risky as wearing undersized shoes. Indeed, small shoes may compress your foot muscles and result in soreness, especially if you wear them for extended periods.

Avoid size and availability issues by ordering your costume early. Also carefully check the sizes and have a back up plan in case your costume shoes don't fit.    

3.    Spread out your standing/walking hours

If you're expecting to have an active day, you should plan how long you'll spend standing or walking. For example, Halloween parades and concerts may cause you to stand for hours at a time. And if you're wearing high-heeled shoes or other footwear that doesn't have a proper fit, planning ahead is a good idea.

You may choose to carry an extra pair of more comfortable shoes or split your standing/sitting times accordingly. This is a smart way of looking the part without making your feet pay the price.

4.    Consult your podiatrist

For those who already suffer from foot complications (such as chronic foot pain), make sure you consult your podiatrist for advice regarding Halloween costumes. Your foot specialist should carefully review any shoes that have unique designs and shapes so as to prevent unintended health consequences.