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How to Get the Best Results From Orthotic Insoles

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You might have been seeing a podiatrist lately because of problems with your feet, and your podiatrist might have discussed a few treatment options with you. One of the treatment options that they might have mentioned might have been to try orthotic insoles. These are prescription insoles that you wear in your shoes. You might be willing to give them a try, but you're probably hoping that you will get true results from them. 

Buy the Right Orthotics

First of all, you should know that if you want to get the best results from orthotics, you're going to need the right orthotics for you. Although you can purchase insoles for your shoes without a prescription, you might find that these aren't going to be as effective. Instead, your doctor should prescribe custom orthotics that are designed based on the size and shape of your feet and the specific foot-related problems you've been dealing with.

Wear the Right Shoes

In addition to wearing the right orthotics, you should make sure that you wear the right shoes. This is important so that your orthotics will fit properly, and it's also important to be sure that your feet have ample, appropriate support. Although you can actually purchase orthotics that can even be used with high heels, this probably isn't going to be a good day-to-day option for you. Instead, you'll probably want to wear walking shoes or some other type of flat, comfortable, and supportive shoe. In some cases, you might even need to wear a prescription shoe. Your podiatrist can give you more advice about the shoes that you should be wearing with and without your orthotics.

Follow Your Podiatrist's Other Recommendations

Your podiatrist might give you other recommendations for you to remember. They might advise you to take frequent breaks instead of spending too much time on your feet, for example. They might advise that you use a special cream on your feet after you take your orthotics and shoes off for the day. Make sure that you follow all of your doctor's recommendations for the best results.

Give Them Time

Many people notice that they are much more comfortable almost instantly after wearing orthotics with their shoes. However, if you are looking for major, long-term results, you should know that it can take time. Make sure that you stick to wearing your orthotics as recommended by your podiatrist, even if you don't notice results right away. In time, you might be surprised by what orthotics can do for you and your feet.