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Home Remedies You Can Use To Ease Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis is a form of heel pain that is caused when your plantar fascia becomes inflamed due to extraneous activity. This is typically an athlete's condition but can also happen to you when climbing an incline, walking down stairs or running. Plantar fasciitis will occur when your feet experience the heel striking on the ground due to an over stride when walking, climbing or running. Another reason you may develop plantar fasciitis is if you have an inflexible Achilles heel coupled with tight calves. These can cause the pulling of your plantar tendon, thus leading to heel pain. Consistent pulling on the plantar tendon can lead to the formation of micro-tears as the tendon eventually begins to pull away, and this causes inflammation and heel pain. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, the following are some of the home remedies you could use to ease the pain.

Engage in stretching exercises

Heel pain is typically experienced in the morning when you get out of bed and put your weight on the affected foot. To reduce this pain, you should engage in stretching exercises before you apply any weight on your compromised heel. A basic stretching exercise you could engage in is by sitting on your bed and flexing your feet and holding on to them. Once you have gripped your feet, slowly pull them toward you and release. A few repetitions of this stretching exercise should soothe some of the heel pain that you are experiencing.

Massage your feet

Another way of easing heel pain would be by massaging your affected foot. Massage therapy functions toward the stimulation of blood flow. This increased blood flow will circulate in and around the damaged plantar tendon and will gradually release tension from your plantar fascia. To massage you plantar tendon, use some warm coconut or olive oil that will smoothly glide over your foot. Use the tips of your fingers to work out the tension in your heel as well as the lower part of your feet. Several massages during the course of the day should significantly reduce the heel pain.

Apply a cold compress

Another way of easing the inflammation that comes with plantar fasciitis is the application of a cold compress on the affected areas. You do not have to purchase a cold compress from the store. Instead, get a handful of ice cubes and wrap them inside a thin, cotton towel. Roll the cold compress on the affected area for several minutes until you start feeling the soothing effects of the ice. Repeat the process as necessary throughout the day.