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How to Treat Achilles Tendon Problems

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The Achilles tendon refers to the big tendon at the back of your heel. That tendon is susceptible to a variety of problems such as Achilles tendonitis and inflammation. This article discusses some treatment options that are available to you in case you start having Achilles tendon problems.


One of the easiest ways to combat Achilles tendon problems such as inflammation is to rest. This allows the swelling to subside, and the tendon can begin to heal. It is therefore advisable to avoid aggravating the inflammation in your Achilles tendon by continuing to participate in activities like jogging or vigorous walking exercises.

Shoe Inserts

Your podiatrist may also recommend the use of shoe inserts in order to ease the pressure on your injured Achilles tendon. The insert helps to lift the foot up by some centimeters so that the tendon does not stretch as much as it was stretching when the heel was going all the way down to the ground level. That reduced pressure allows the tendon to rest and recover from the injury you sustained.


You can also apply ice on the area of your heel that is inflamed. The ice will numb the pain and allow you to retain a degree of mobility. You can use this ice treatment immediately after your athletic training session, and several times in the course of the day.

Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Your podiatrist may also give you some medication to ease the inflammation in your Achilles tendon. For instance, he or she may give you a topical gel to apply directly on the affected part of your foot. He or she may also give you pills to swallow.

Physical Therapy

This may offer long-term results because it is geared at improving the function of your foot. For instance, the physical therapist may take you through a variety of exercises to improve the strength and flexibility of your foot. This improved range of motion will make you less likely to develop the problem later on since the foot will be stronger (and more flexible).


This is the last resort once non-surgical methods have not given you the desired results. Surgery may involve making the tendon longer or removing the part of the tendon that is damaged. Recovery from such surgery may take several weeks or months.

Talk to your podiatrist about the treatment options above if you experience Achilles tendon problems. He or she will advise you on the best course of action so that a final solution to your problem is found.